Auto Top Off Systems

Auto Top Off Systems

Auto Top Off Systems or ATOs automatically refill your sump or aquarium without having to lift heavy buckets or spilling water. It is a system that anyone with a saltwater tank should consider and a must have for anyone considering a saltwater reef tank. Why are Auto Top Off Systems so important? Well. when it comes to any aquarium; even more critical with saltwater aquariums, stability is key. As water evaporates from your aquarium, the salinity level rises because the salt says behind in the evaporation process. Unstable salinity can be harmful even fatal to both coral, fish, and invertebrates.

Auto Top Off Systems typically have three parts to them:

  • The Auto Top Off (ATO) switch
  • Water Pump
  • Auto Top Off Reservoir

The auto top of switch is typically a float switch or a digital sensor that active the water pump when water levels drop below the sensor due to evaporation. This keeps your salinity/specific gravity stable and maintains your optimum water level to prevent pumps, and equipment like protein skimmers from running dry.

The water pump is what puts the water from your reservoir back into your tank. Some Auto Top Off Systems like the JBJ do not come with a pump allowing you the flexbility of choosing your own, while others like the CoralVue Smart Mini ATO system come packaged with their own pump.

The Auto Top Off Reservoir is where your fresh water is housed. It is extremely important that the water house in the reservoir is RODI water to ensure that harmful nutrients are not added to your tank. Reservoirs can be purchased from our store here, though we know many hobbyist who purchase reservoirs from home improvement stores to save some money.

Auto Top Off Systems are usually the first piece of equipment hobbyists looking into when thinking about tank automation.  We also have listed in our collection high quality reservoir tanks that you can purchase to hold your fresh water. All our auto top off systems come from the most trusted brands known in the reefing community.