Saltwater Fish Food

Saltwater fish food is much different than freshwater fish food. With freshwater fish, they can eat a variety of prepared foods like flake and pellets and generally adjust quite easily. With saltwater fish, it is not only important to observe your fish but also to chose the correct saltwater fish food that is best for your fish.

Saltwater fish are very specific eaters in the wild. They develop certain mouth parts and fins to capture prey or graze on food. Whether you purchase a saltwater fish that is wild caught or tank raised, you will want to provide it with saltwater fish food that is natural to their environment and provide ideal nutrition.

Saltwater Fish Food

Saltwater fish food is broken up into several categories:

  • Frozen Food
  • Pellet Food
  • Live Food
  • Freeze Dried Food
  • Flake Food

Frozen food represents the higher quality type of foods available in the hobby. Many of the best foods available are specialty formulated and made frozen. Unfortunately, they are tend to be the most expensive – especially if purchased online because of shipping costs

Pellet saltwater fish food has come a long way, especially with the introduction of probotic pellet fish food like the varieties from Cobalt aquatics and Elos. They are very nutrient dense and not much is required to feed your fish. They offer the best balance of all foods in convenience and can be fed through auto-feeders

Live food is our next category. This can be brine shrimp, bloodworms, or feeder fish. The downfall with live fish is the possibility of transmitting disease and with feeder fish they are not very healthy for fish in the long-term.

Freeze dried food is similiar to frozen food, but requires soaking before feeding to your fish. This is because the food will expand in the water and soaking will prevent overfeeding and constipation. 

Flake food is likely the foods you will find at your local chain store. There are some brands we will recommend like New Life Spectrum, but for the most part flake food represents the bottom of the saltwater fish food hierarchy.

Along with types of saltwater fish food, there is also different fish foods you will need to purchase depending on what your fish eats. There are foods meant for predators, herbivores, and omnivores. Knowing what type of eater your fish is will add to your success. 

It is important to observe your saltwater fish when feeding saltwater fish food. Many of these fish have adjustment periods and observation is necessary. There are also some fish that are very aggressive eaters and a fish that does not eat can easily waste away.

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