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Tanner Hall and the Athlete’s Case for C…


In February, Tanner Hall, one of the greatest freestyle skiers of all time—he...

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Weed Infused Nutella is a Thing that Exi…


A time when pizza is delivered by robots. When a hammock and a...

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Action Bronson Gets Own Brand of Cannabi…


While filming a recent episode of his VICELAND series, F*ck That’s Delicious, Action...

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Using Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

There is controversy about the medicinal value that marijuana (cannabis) has. The Federal Government says...

Marijuana Still Preferred Drug in Canadi…

Marijuana remains the drug of choice for members of the Canadian army, based on the Force's...

Industrial H…

Brushing aside jokes about intoxicated livestock, Alberta farmers are growing industrial hemp, a crop that has...